Q: How much do I need to spend to get free shipping outside of the U.S.?

A: For customers in Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia, we offer $25 flat-rate shipping (including tax and duty fees) on orders over $200, and free shipping (including tax and duty fees) on orders over $350. At this time, we do not offer a free shipping option for customers outside of these regions.


Q: Can you ship anywhere in the world?

A: Yes! Our shipping partner, EasyShip, can ship anywhere in the world. At this time, we are unable to ship to international P.O. boxes.


Q: Can I return an item if I don't like it?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer returns for any orders shipped outside of the U.S. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: What happens if an item I receive is damaged or defective?

A: Within 30 days of receipt, we are happy to offer a full refund or a replacement on damaged and defective items. Please see our Customer Care page.


Q: What are duty fees and VAT taxes?

A: If you've ever bought something from outside the country you live in and had it shipped to you, you've probably encountered duty fees and VAT taxes. Duty fees are a government tax on goods imported from other countries. The point of duty fees is typically to make a product more expensive, and therefore "less desirable" so you are encouraged to buy products from your own domestic market. They vary by country, and must be paid before a product will be released from customs.

A VAT tax (or value-added-tax) is a tax charged to consumers whenever they buy goods or services. This tax is not retained by the seller; it is paid to the government, and it also varies by country.


Q: How are taxes and duty fees paid for?

A: To ensure our international customers have an easy experience with taxes and duty fees, we only offer shipping options that include payment for these fees upfront, bundled with the shipping cost. This ensures that all international packages, regardless of destination, will not have any "surprise fees" to be paid upon delivery.


Q: Why is only jewelry available on the International store? Where are the candles, clothes, and accessories?

A: Great question! Jewelry is by far our most in-demand product category, and it's relatively easy for our small, in-house fulfillment team to manage. We are hoping to ship other items internationally in the future.


Q: Is the C&C Rewards program available for International customers?

A: We're so sorry–at this time, our Rewards program is only available to U.S. customers. We're hoping to bring it to our International store in the future!